Choosing a Baby Blanket for Your New Little One

Choosing a Baby Blanket for Your New Little One

There will never be a time when your baby doesn’t need a blanket. That’s why we have created the softest, cuddliest and most unique designer baby blanket.


Many parents receive fleece blankets as gifts from their friends and family, but gifting a Little Cuddle Snuggles personalised baby blanket provides so much more: the cuddle of a soft and luxurious fleece and a unique designer 100% cotton patchwork with the little one’s name embroidered on the front, making it even more special.


With a little pocket for teddy to hide, your little one will love it even more. They will hold onto it for comfort and get even more attached to it when they can recognise their name embroidered on the front.


Our blankets are super soft, lightweight, breathable and washable and can be washed multiple times and retain their shape superbly. Style and comfort are in one design.


We are often asked, what is a security blanket?

A security blanket is a familiar blanket or other piece of soft fabric held by a child as a source of comfort. Sometimes, it will have a small toy attached. A smaller style blanket is easier to carry around; that is why Little Cuddle Snuggles baby blankets are 32ʺ x 32ʺ, making them the ideal size.


Little Cuddle Snuggles new range of blankets are exquisitely designed, stylish and make the perfect gift.

Little one’s best friend, Disney's Tigger, is an adorable, classic children's blanket—a new addition to the range. For the cutest, snuggle-up and floor-time fun, Tigger sits in his secret pocket.


Fold and hang Little Cuddle Snuggles on a hook when not in use, using the velvet hook attached to the blanket. Each blanket has a modern, colourful patchwork in an inspiring design.


The blankets are beautifully designed and handcrafted using quality fabrics and accessories for fabulous floor-time fun and cuddles. They are professionally finished to exceptionally high standards. This really is a very special blanket, with limited availability.


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