Running a small business today compared to back in the Nineties.

Running a small business today compared to back in the Nineties.

Back in the nineties, running a small design business, or any type of retail business, was different than it is today in so many ways.

Marketing consisted of a small advert in the local paper that would gain interest. A perceptive new customer would make a personal visit to your showroom or call to request a home visit. No social media was available, and sales were achieved mainly from face-to-face encounters. Customers were mainly local, as business advertisements were placed in local magazines and in free papers. Word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business were eventually the main source of income over the years. Orders and sales demanded knowledge, experience and trust, where professional relationships developed.


Having a retail premises for a business provided trust. Customers could pop in to share a new project idea or to discuss their order. Relationships were developed and friendships created. Secrets and problems were shared in conversation over what style, product or fabric choice was required. It was almost a social event.


It was very much a personal experience, and if you designed and made the products yourself, that personal touch really did make a difference, providing professional and experienced advice and guidance. The customer required updates by phone and would ask for your personally. It was exceptional customer care when the voice on the other end of the phone was recognisable.


Having the skill to make products yourself and the principal of selling to others hasn’t really changed over the years, but mass production, varied quality and the arrival of the internet has challenged many businesses with the whole world now at reach.


Ordering products that you have never seen or touched can feel like a bit of a risk, but at Little Cuddle Snuggles, we understand this and offer a 100% full refund guarantee if the customer is not totally overwhelmed with their personalised baby blanket. This provides trust and reassurance for everyone.

Don't forget there are no hidden costs, FREE Delivery, FREE Luxury Gift Box and FREE Personalisation.


What has really changed is the marketing methods; we are now in the world of social media marketing. Old methods such as magazines and post marketing are still useful and a great marketing partner, but emails and social medial are powerful and need to be respected. Get socially savvy or lose out. Little Cuddle Snuggles posts regular blogs on our website to show our journey.


Hand-made products take considerably longer to create compared to machine-made items, but the art and skill is wonderful and it is exciting to produce and own. Little Cuddle Snuggles personalised baby blankets are a loving gift for all new arrivals, expressing love and developing such treasured memories.


Each blanket is personally made to order, unique and adorable, marking a special event and expressing love and affection. Family memories are so important and last forever. Gift a Little Cuddle Snuggles Blanket and watch the memories start.


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