How Baby naming ceremonies changed how we think!

How Baby naming ceremonies changed how we think!

A Baby naming ceremony is an event carried out to mark the arrival of a baby without a religious ceremony. I have been to a couple of lovely informal events that were full of love and affection for the little one.


These offer parents the chance to focus on what’s important for the baby’s future welfare and happiness and on how important family and friends are. I read a beautiful poem at my nephew’s naming day, which was a loving moment and a memory I hold today. I felt nervous reading to the crowds, but I have recovered by now!


Presently, naming ceremonies are starting to come into their own as an alternative to a religious ceremony, while few people still see them as two separate events.

There are no special rules or formats for this occasion, as it’s entirely up to the parents of the New Baby to decide the direction the naming ceremony will take.


Choosing a name for your new baby can be daunting. It can be very difficult to find a name that everyone involved feels is right. Naming a baby after your ancestors, family members and close friends can be an honour and a touching moment and an expression of love.


Some people think quite deeply and create names from memories, places and nature. Their inspiration might be objects (Rock); literary characters, (like Alice); physical traits (Calvin, the bald one!); a place (Brittany); a colour (Violet); or a flower (Jasmine, Rose or Poppy).


Traditionally, christenings and other religious ceremonies were used as the naming ceremony for a new baby, as the baby's name would be officially written down as a physical reminder of a wonderful day. Whatever you decide to do to celebrate the arrival and naming of your gorgeous new baby, choosing the right name is so special.


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