How to make a little Cuddle Snuggles Blanket

How to make a little Cuddle Snuggles Blanket

Watch our video to see how we create our wonderful, unique patchwork blankets.

We design and make all our blankets. You can’t buy a Little Cuddle Snuggles blanket from anyone else.

Patchwork squares are cut out by hand and expertly sewn together. Each blanket has its own secret pocket hidden within the patchwork.


The colourful fabrics are beautifully coordinated with a patchwork design, made from 100% cotton and can be washed at 30 degrees. The centre has a cuddly wadding and the adorable bottom fabric is a snuggly soft fleece.

The Little Cuddle Snuggles teddy blankets are created with a coordinating patchwork design. Patchwork is formed by placing a number of small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece.


Our patchwork is relatively simple in design; many elaborate designs have been found throughout history.

Quilting and patchwork have been traced back to the Middle Ages, when it was widely practiced.

The word quilt is thought to connect with the Latin word cucita, meaning “bolster or cushion.”


There are numerous patchwork makers, with both traditional and contemporary designs available, ensuring the popularity of patchwork continues.


We are asked many times what the difference is between patchwork and quilting. It can be confusing, but the first part of the process we describe as the patchwork: the cutting, sewing and pressing of the fabric squares. With quilting, a lot more work comes after that, but the patchwork always comes first.


Little Cuddle Snuggles only completes the patchwork skill on baby blankets to form a square design. To cut the fabric, you need a rotary cutter and mat. The squares are then sewn together; the skill of accuracy here is so important.


Little Cuddle Snuggles blankets are designed for many uses, and they are ideal for travelling in the car seat and snuggling baby up over the car seat belts to keep extra warm. The blanket is also great to put over baby in the supermarket trolley seat.


Many mothers have also told us they use their blankets for picnics when the sun is shining, and they are great for floor-time play and tummy time.

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