Why Mum was right about baby names!

Why Mum was right about baby names!

The birth of a baby is always a special event in any family's life. It is a joyful experience shared by new parents, extended family, and friends.


Whether biblical, historical, or modern, every name carries a meaning to it and is what distinguishes a baby from other family members. Names are not just random words. They reflect the very true essence or nature of the baby on which the name is given.

Joseph what a gourgious and fun name!

Many UK names have some special qualities that make them unique and stand out at the same time. They tend to be beautiful, appealing, elegant and special with a deep and personal meaning attached to it. If you decide to choose a popular UK name for your little boy or girl, you'll find that it's worth it due to its prestige as you'll have several great options to choose from.


Most of these popular names have an old English origin, which is why almost all of them tend to sound sophisticated and conveyed upon their bearers a sense of personal history. It is good to know how these names were originally created in the first place.


According to reliable statistics, these are some of the most popular first names in the UK for the past 5 years;

For Boys: Oliver, Harry, Jack, George, Noah, Leo, Jacob, Oscar, Charlie, Mohammed, Jackson, William,

For Girls: Olivia remains the most popular while others are Ava, Isla, Isabella, Lily, Amelia, Mia, Emily, Isabelle, Grace, Freya, Charlotte, Aria, Evelyn, Alice, Chloe, Daisy, Ivy, etc.

Charlie is a great name for boys and girls!

There was a time when a large number of babies were named John, Mary, Jacob etc. To reflect a religious faith. Today, there are a host of unique and creative first names. It’s now popular to choose unusual names such as; Apple, Cedar, Love, Mars, Zee, Mercy, Rose, Igor, Favour, Marvel, Lion, Oak, Nova, Violet, Skylar, Luna, Zoya and even Thor. Wonderful names with creativity. Luna is a great name!


Obviously, the inspiration for most of these names stems from celebrities, the pop culture including popular movies and TV shows. For example, names like Khaleesi, Arya, Daenerys, Jamie, Ned and others from the highly successful series ‘’Game Of Thrones’’ have become more popular than before. Others are Blake, Kit, Bowie, Quinn, Valentina and Roman. Just the best names to have embroidered on a designer baby blanket

Love this fabric its oh-so-cute!

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More baby name blog next week. Look out for part 2.


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